Jasmine Di Benedetto

Hi, I am Jasmine Di Benedetto and I am an Artist.

I am a consciousness abstract painter.

Life, people, culture and energy are the concepts my art is based on.

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I started to express myself with art, in particular through the body, studying dance from the age of 5 up to 24, when I specialized in historical dances. I took care of other persons by volunteering and organization of events to find money to help African people. My university studies led me to graduate from the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy with a three-year degree in History and a master’s degree in Ethno-anthropological Disciplines and a II level Master in Medicine and Psychology “Mindfulness: practice, clinic and neuroscience” at Sapienza University of Rome. I took also the title of Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and MBSR Protocol, that is recognized by Abruzzo Mindfulness and U.C. San Diego School of Medicine, I am also a Holistic Therapist, Bars Access Consciousness ® Operator, Yoga Nidra Teacher and I wrote two academic essays about human being:

One psicological-anthropological essay:


One historical- anthropological essay:

Thank you J.Di Benedetto